Enslavement of Beauty – Mere Contemplations

Dramatic death metal may be the best term to describe this band, Enslavement of Beauty from Norway. Mere Contemplations is their 3rd studio album, and is a very good album. I had been driving across the country when I first started listening to this album years ago, and it was a great first experience with it. The songs have very dramatic riffing and lyrics throughout, and sounds as though the album is trying to tell some poetic story. Ole Alexander Myrholt, vocalist has a shrilly deep scream sound, that almost sounds a little too produced at times. However, it does make the songs sound pretty epic and powerful. The music itself is not very technical or strong in that regard, but the album is still worth checking out, for its dramatic overtone alone.  My favorite tracks on this album are Exit There; And Disappear and Impressions. Impressions is a very epic ballad song that is a good listen. I recommend if you are going to check this band out, this would be the album to do it with.

Genre: Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Country: Norway
Label: INRI Unlmited
Release: August 3rd, 2007


1. A Study of Love and Metaphors
2. X and Moments
3. The Perilous Pursuit of Volition
4. Exit There; And Disappear
5. An Affinity for Exuberance
6. Abundance Extends to Lush
7. I Raise My Craving Hands
8. Nostalgia Grows
9. Impressions
10. 11:23 PM

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