Fields of Mildew – I

Fields of Mildew out of Germany is a somber and dark acoustic release under Fallow Field and an excellent one at that. With pretty much no information on this release, I write this blindly. This self-titled release is a damp and dark stroll through six songs with a heavy aura of gloominess. Best to be compared to Masks of Canaan, Fields of Mildew is an acoustic neofolk album with crisp deep vocals and twangy guitar melodies. At times, one would think that this release was actually the same as Masks of Canaan, just much more highly produced and refined. Fields is a nice intro, setting the stage for what you will hear throughout, with a bleak melody that follow the listener like the grim reaper. Turbid Waters is next, which is my favorite track on the album. The introduction is strong, with excellent guitar work. The vocals are desolate and dislocated, with a strong sense of sadness. They work exceedingly well in painting a visual of solitude. Blight is the next highest point on the release, with an eerie introduction that is creepy. The other songs follow in the same suit, not straying much from this formula that works well. For those that are into acoustic neofolk with a morbid sound, this is your album. It has an overall strong tone of emptiness and loneliness and it is amazing. Highly recommended.

Label: Fallow Field
Location: Germany
Genre: Acoustic, Neofolk, Experimental
Release Date: March 1st, 2015
Purchase: Fields of Mildew

1. Fields
2. Turbid Waters
3. Blight
4. Men of the Mire
5. In the Drought
6. Mildew

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