Fireball Ministry – The Second Great Awakening

From Los Angeles, California, Fireball Ministry is a stoner metal/hard rock band that plays fun music with a southern vibe. I had listened to this album a lot many years ago while visiting a friend in Arkansas, and so it does hold a special place with me. All of the songs and lyrics are catchy and have a great tone that sticks throughout the entire album. The songs all have that traditional heavy metal sound with solos throughout. Vocalist Reverend James A. Rota II has a great voice, which works very well with the style the band has. Lyrics are easy to hear and flow great. Some of the notable songs on the album are King, which which kicks off the album in style and sets a good introduction to the album which carries on and sets the tone perfectly. Flatline is also another notable one, with continues on with that style of sound and catchy lyrics. If you are a fan of southern rock, or traditional heavy metal, I would say it would be worth it to check out these guys. They are a good listen.

Country: United States: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Stoner Metal, Southern Rock, Hard Rock
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release: October 7th, 2003

1. The Second Great Awakening (Intro)
2. King
3. The Sinner
4. Master Of None
5. Daughter Of The Damned
6. Flatline
7. In The Mourning
8. He Who Kills
9. Rollin’ On
10. Choker
11. Maidens of Venus

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