Funeral – From These Wounds

From These Wounds is Funeral’s fourth full length album and continues their style of gothic-laden funeral doom. From These Wounds is an album you need to be in the mood for in order to manage getting through the entire thing, as is probably the case with a lot of funeral doom, or doom metal in general. All of the songs are quite similar with lots of slow, heavy distorted guitars, and very monotone vocals from Frode Forsmo. Forsmo’s vocals are almost chant-like or even Gregorian in nature, which contribute to the atmosphere of the album. A few songs have a little more energy, such as Red Moon and Vagrant God, but generally the album plods at an agonizing funereal pace. Pendulum is a very gloomy track about waiting for death, which darkens the atmosphere further. If you can manage to listen through the entire album, it is a good album if you are in the correct mood. Both the vocals and the consistently heavy guitars are monotone from the beginning to end of the album. From These Wounds is a solid album, but not for any time.

Genre: Funeral Doom, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Candlelight Records
Release: March 20, 2007

1. The Barren Skin
2. From These Wounds
3. The Architecture Of Loss
4. Red Moon
5. Vagrant God
6. Pendulum
7. Saturn

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