Ghosts of Oceania – Those Taken By The Tides [Demo]

Moving onward, here are my thoughts on Ghost of Oceania’s second demo, titled Those Taken By The Tides. Again limited to 50 copies on cassette, this demo is compositionally much better and a more technical than Demo I. Containing the same minimalistic neo-classical piano as its predecessor, Those Taken By The Tides expands upon that with some dungeon-synth moments as well, recalling similar tracks by Burzum and Azghor’s main child Drowning the Light. Production-wise, the sound quality is a great deal better than Demo I, with much less hiss present. Again, not for everyone in the slightest, but if you are interested in some nice piano or dungeon-synth, I’d recommend looking into it.

Genre: Minimal, Neo-Classical, Piano
Label: Versets Noirs
Location: Australia
Release Date: July 17th, 2014
Purchase: Bandcamp

1. Those Taken by the Tides

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