Ghosts of Oceania – Wanda Beach [Demo]

Wanda Beach is the most recent release by Ghosts of Oceania, and frankly the one that contains the most intense backstory. Wanda Beach is another demo consisting of seven tracks inspired by the Wanda Beach Murders of 1965. The music speaks volumes, consisting of eerie piano and synth that drives home the mysterious and gruesome killings that took place in Australia. Azghor uses this harsh event in history to emotionally drive these songs. The first two tracks set the mood and build the story beginning with a darkly atmospheric piano track full of optimism. The melodies then give the listener a feeling of dread. Rather than mostly going for piano, Azghor works with both synth and piano more so in this release than the prior demos. Windswept and Silent, and On The Windy Days They are Seen Wandering the Dunes are my favorite tracks this time around, being of the haunting synth variety. I feel this is the strongest Ghosts of Oceania release to date, and would be well worth your time. Check it out.

Genre: Minimal, Neo-Classical, Piano
Label: Tour De Garde
Location: Australia
Release Date: May 24th, 2015
Purchase: Bandcamp

1. An Innocence Lost…
2. Stalked by a Sinister Shadow Amongst the Sandhills
3. Windswept and Silent
4. Ghosts of Summer
5. Fading Hope of ’65
6. Happiness Obscured and Taken Forever
7. On Windy Days They Are Seen Wandering the Dunes

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