Gloria Morti – Eryx

Years ago metal distributor The Omega Order would run daily specials with albums priced at $3.33, shipping included. One of those albums was Gloria Morti’s Eryx. I had heard of them through Before the Dawn as lead guitarist Juho Räihä was in both bands, so I made the purchase. Years later, I have been jamming this album pretty consistently and it is an intense, ferocious ride through the black gates of hell. Eryx is the second full length album by these Finnish war masters released back in 2008. Eleven tracks of war infused melodic death metal are featured here, with electronic aspects as well that give a feeling of middle eastern atmosphere. Prominently featured throughout are blast beats, guttural screams and thundering guitar riffs. This album is great, albeit did take some getting into for me. Many of the songs sound the same upon initial listen. As you continue to listen to it many times, the songs start building shape and holding their own. It is not an album that holds your hand by any means. My favorite track on this album is Phoenix Caged In Flesh, with an interesting progression on the introduction. The guitars remind me of that middle eastern vibe I mentioned earlier, and really hit you hard. Prophet of Eosphorus is also great, with heavy electronics. They deliver a huge sense of atmosphere and the track features a much slower pacing than the majority of the others, which are mostly quick and ferocious. Until The Wretched Whimper has some great lyrics about the defense of one’s homeland, and is also strong. For those looking for some intensity with their war-infused metal, I do recommend giving this album a listen.

Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Melodic Black Metal
Label: Stay Heavy Records
Location: Heinola/Jyväskylä, Finland
Release: March 12th, 2008


1. Deathstream (Anthologies of Lifestream)
2. Until The Wretched Wimper
3. Phoenix Caged In Flesh
4. Evermorose
5. Prophet of Eosphorus
6. Synthetic Eden
7. The Origins of Sin
8. The Djinnwhisperer
9. Sands of Hinnom
10. Mesopotamia
11. Dreadful Silence

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