Godsmack – 1000hp

When I first saw the album cover for this album I was thoroughly unimpressed. Sure, the car was nice, but it just seemed like a mediocre cover for an album. But is the music as mediocre as the cover art? Godsmack’s 1000hp is their sixth full-length studio album and their first since the mediocre The Oracle in 2010. 1000hp brings Godsmack’s sound closer to the sound of their first few albums during their prime, but with a slightly more straight-forward sound. The album flows together as a collection of songs as if they were part of a jam session. The songs are fairly simple in structure and you have an album of consistent hard rock from beginning to end. The album opens with the mediocre title track, which consists primarily of generic chugging and Sully Erna’s vocals that make him seem like he is trying to be a hardass at times. Erna’s vocals are strong and powerful, which is apt for this style of music, but some of his lyrics come off as a bit juvenile and more appropriate for teenagers. Other songs, such as FML or I Don’t Belong, share these traits. I was hoping for something different from Something Different and that was partly the case. This song begins with a softer tone than the rest of the album and even has some violins in it. It is still a rocking song though. What’s Next? is a fast-paced and aggressive song that has a nice intro riff and drum work. Generation Day is another good melodic song that has a nice instrumental interlude in the middle of the song, which is adds some needed variety in this album. 1000hp closes with Turning to Stone, which is a slower rock song with the use of some tribal tabla drumming. 1000hp is generally a decent hard rock album from Godsmack. Their last few albums were not that great, but this one is closer to the sound they had on their earlier albums. 1000hp offers nothing new to fans of Godsmack or of straight-forward hard rock, but it is still a good album that is consistent and provides an enjoyable listen. Fans of Godsmack would definitely enjoy this, as well as fans of bands like Disturbed, Shinedown, or other hard rock of the early 00s.

Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Metal
Country: USA
Label: Republic Records
Release: August 5, 2014

1 – 1000hp
2 – FML
3 – Something Different
4 – What’s Next
5 – Generation Day
6 – Locked & Loaded
7 – Living In The Gray
8 – I Don’t Belong
9 – Nothing Comes Easy
10 – Turning To Stone

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