Godsmack – Faceless

Godsmack was among the first bands I started listening to when I first started taking music seriously back in high school. A number of songs off of this Faceless album caught my attention back when I still wasted my time with the radio. It is interesting to see how well this has held up over time. Even over ten years later, Faceless holds up well for a commercial hard-rock/metal album of the early 00s. This album has plenty of heavy, crunchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals from Sully Erna. The music is catchy, has decent guitar solos, and plenty of distortion to get the adrenaline going. Straight Out of Line establishes the basic sound that forms much of the album. Erna’s strong vocals range from raspy aggressive and strong melodic vocals. Make Me Believe and I Stand Alone showcase the band’s melodic ability and catchiness. Most of the songs are fairly similar with some, perhaps unnecessary, angst. Serenity changes the pace, and is the song that got me interested in this band, which is a slower, meditative and mystical track with bongo-style drums. The angst feels out of place and unnecessary at times, probably due to maturation on my part. Erna often tries too hard to come off as a hardass and attempts to come off as tough, as on I Fucking Hate You. However, the aggression is part of the point of this album. Godsmack does a decent job at creating in-your-face, aggressive, straight-forward hard rock and metal music. Faceless appears to be the last of the solid early Godsmack albums. Subsequent albums have been quite mediocre. Faceless is a decent album for an occasional listen if you need something a little more aggressive and angst, but it does loses its punch after several listens within a short time-span.

Genre: Hard Rock, Metal
Country: USA
Label: Universal Records
Release: April 8, 2003

1. Straight Out of Line
2. Faceless
3. Changes
4. Make Me Believe
5. I Stand Alone
6. Re-Align
7. I Fucking Hate You
8. Releasing the Demons
9. Dead and Broken
10. I Am
11. The Awakening
12. Serenity

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