Heretoir – .Existenz (EP)

heretoir existenz

This EP is the first piece of work released by German atmospheric black metal band Heretoir. .Existenz establishes the sound that is expected from an atmospheric black metal band, but I find Heretoir to be among the better ones that play in the depressive black metal style. The overall atmosphere is melancholic, dark, and introspective, while the lyrics are in German. The EP opens with the instrumental Erwachen Im Dunkel, which slowly builds up with pummeling drums, introspective guitar, and a raw atmosphere. Ein Schrey In Die Nacht picks up with pace by instantly beginning with blast beats and shrill screeching vocals that sound like an animal, or person, in the process of dying a slow, painful, and agonizing death. The drums are quite varied on this track and the song goes through several changes in sound. Verblasst is a slow melancholic acoustic piece with whispered vocals, which is also similar to Weltenwandler in sharing acoustic guitars, but is accompanied by black metal screams. Overall, .Existenz offers a decent preview of what Heretoir and its style of atmospheric black metal is about. It is not revolutionary, but it is a good effort, and one expanded upon on their self-titled full-length album. Those who like atmospheric black metal, like Coldworld, should find this of interest. Heretoir has a promising future.

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Pest Productions
Release: April 2009

1. Erwachen im Dunkel
2. Ein Schrei in Die Nacht
3. Verblasst
4. Ausgeburt
5. Weltenwandler

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