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Heretoir is another atmospheric black metal, post-black metal, blackgaze, etc band that has caught my attention. This German band is lyrically closer to the depressive end of the black metal spectrum. Heretoir plays music in style similar to ColdWorld, which is generally quite atmospheric and full of black metal passages. The style of drumming is also interesting on this album. As expected with black metal, the music production is a bit raw, particularly with regard to the drums. After the atmospheric piano intro of The Escape Part I, Fatigue demonstrates the general style of the album with its relentless muffled drumming, mix of black metal screams/screeches, foggy clean vocals, and atmospheric passages. The musicianship and atmosphere of the track give off a dejected and lethargic mood. The vocals of the album are predominantly black metal styled growls, along with numerous shrieks and agonizing screeches, and some cleaner vocals here and there. Retreat to Hibernate begins as a semi-acoustic guitar song, reminiscent of foresty neo-folk, as electric guitar take more prominence as the song progresses. Weltschmerz opens up right away with blast beats, then full of screams of despair and some interesting drum work over the course of the song with various double bass drum patterns. Graue Bauten is the standout track of this album with a build-up of desperation. Semi-acoustic guitar gives way to atmospheric passages accompanied by agonized screams and more of the black metal of Heretoir. To Follow the Sun is a slightly more upbeat track with female vocals in the distance, at least in the beginning, before the song takes on a more melancholic nature. Finally, the title track closes out the album with all of the elements mentioned above. In the end, Heretoir is a worthy addition to the growing genre of atmospheric black metal. There may currently be a number of bands with a similar style, but this is one that has held my attention. This is ideal music for the winter and darker introspective times of life.

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal, Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Northern Silence Productions
Release: February 25, 2011

1. The Escape – Part I
2. Fatigue
3. Retreat To Hibernate
4. 0
5. Weltschmerz
6. Graue Bauten
7. The Escape – Part II
8. To Follow The Sun
9. Heretoir

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