Iasos – Bora Bora 2000

Browsing my social media accounts, I happened upon an album cover that caught my attention. Vibrant colors of the ocean with animals, statues and UFO’s were shown, and I knew I had to check it out. Being described as new age tropical dance music, I was intrigued. The album in question was Bora Bora 2000 by one of the earliest creators of the new age genre, Iasos (who has an amazing website).  Bora Bora 2000 was released in the early 90’s, and is just as the descriptions had promised.

Consisting of eleven songs, the majority of the tracks are groovy and upbeat. Fire Dance, Masai, and Coconut Talk are great examples of this. Island drumming and dynamically layered keyboards get the party going. These songs are of upbeat style, fun and definitely different. They remind me of something you’d hear on an old Playstation RPG at a beach or island town. Other songs on the album are of a more calming, mellow new age vibe, such as Ulura Lagoon, Soft Beach, and Night Wind. I tend to enjoy these relaxing tracks much more than the latter, but the overall package here is great.

If you are into New Age and want to dive into its origins, Bora Bora 2000 is a good place to get acquainted. Its a fun and original album for fans of the genre.

Genre: New Age
Label: Inter-Dimensional Music
Location: San Francisco, California; United States
Release: 1991
Purchase: Inter-Dimensional Music

1. Fire Dance
2. Splash Happy
3. Bora Bora Bounce
4. Tahiti Sunset
5. Lagoon Waves
6. Ulura Lagoon
7. Masai
8. Bamboo Grove Samba
9. Coconut Talk
10. Soft Beach
11. Night Wind

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