Iman Omari – ESC Vol. 2

Sometimes when I go through stretches of not knowing what I should listen to, I attempt to explore genres I have only lightly, or not at all, ventured into. While exploring the experimental hip-hop tag on, I noticed an album cover with boobs on it—a definite eye-catcher for me. The music that lay underneath was actually quite good. It was an EP titled ESC Vol. 2 by Iman Omari, an underground hip-hop artist out of Los Angeles. ESC Vol. 2 consists of eleven short tracks, each clocking in at about two minutes, for a total of twenty-three minutes. This release is predominantly instrumental hip-hop, with occasional vocal sampling, with choppy loops, a fuzzy sound, yet manages to flow quite well overall. Small World, the opening track, gives a good representation of what to expect. It is a relaxing piece with a nice beat, a chill atmosphere, later augmented with the use of trumpets. Jeep Eagles is another relaxing piece, but commandeered by piano and features occasional chipmunk-like female vocals. A few tracks feature a fellow named JaVonté, who provides some very R&B style vocals, which I have never developed a taste for. Otherwise, the music is again very relaxing, as in the tracks Push and Deep. What Up?/¿Como Estan? (Remix for Quelle) has some rapping vocals, which changes the pace otherwise held throughout the rest of this release. I have yet to check out the rest of Iman Omari’s work, but if you have twenty minutes to just relax before having to do something, then ESC Vol. 2 may be a good choice for those twenty minutes.

Genre: Underground Hip Hop
Country: USA
Label: Self-Released
Release: February 26, 2014

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3746677239 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=3167869999]

1. Small World
2. Mushroom Visuals
3. Jeep Eagles
4. Feels
5. Where have you been (Interlude)-Feat. JaVonté
6. Golden
7. Hillman (Lisa ßonet/1992)
8. Push
9. Deep
10. What Up?/¿Como Estan? (Remix for Quelle)
11. Untouchable-Feat. JaVonté

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