Kamal – Mysterious Traveller


Alright, so here we go with an odd review. New age artist Kamal has a ton of albums under his belt, which are all very peaceful and relaxing. The way I found out about this guy is I was at a friends house and she was flipping through all of those music channels that some cable companies have, and she had hit the new age station, where Kamal’s song Tales from Tambourine Mountain was playing. I was enjoying it, and decided that when I got home, I’d look him up. Well, I did, and Mysterious Traveller fell into my music catalog. I listened to it a few times, and determined that it is pretty pleasing on the ears. It is a lot of relaxing, peaceful tunes that make use of synthesizers, guitars, flutes, and other ambient sounds to produce music that is extremely relaxing. Basically, think about the music you hear at the kiosks at a store like Target, and you may get an idea of what you are getting into. Also, a couple of years ago a friend and I DJed a wedding, (which we had no idea what we were doing, mind you) and before the ceremony, where everyone was standing around and mingling, this is the album I put on that looped 2 times during this part of the wedding. It actually fit pretty damn good. Anyways, all of the songs are pretty much the same in terms of style, which is the ambient, new age, peaceful, relaxing, and calming music. This is the kind of music you would probably play while trying to fall asleep, or just hanging out in nature. Tales from Tamborine Mountain is my favorite track on the album, which has some nice flutes and really peaceful guitar. It really makes you want to be in nature, just kicking back. As diverse the music is that I listen to, this is probably on the weirder end of my music spectrum, but I am glad that I did give it a chance. Highly recommended.

Country: Germany
Genre: New Age, World, Ambient
Label: Oreade Music
Release: 1992

1. Messidor (For Varsha)
2. Forever And A Day
3. Makena Cooud (For Himani With A Smile)
4. Under The Coolibah Tree
5. As Time Goes By
6. Tales From Tamborine Mountain
7. Djungle (… My Tippy Canoe)
8. Mysterious Traveller
9. Yosemite By Blimp
10. Wild At Heart


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