Karg – Malstrom

Another day, another ambient black metal album. I have been sitting on this Karg album for a few weeks, and finally got around to listening to it just recently. Karg is a one man project fronted by Austrian musician V. Wahntraum, also known as being the vocalist for Harakiri Of The Sky. Malstrom is my first foray into the world of Karg, and it has been a great experience thus far. This album is full of six cold and bleak songs. Frosty is a great way to describe this, with guttural droning screams that hit you hard. The guitars hit you like a rabid beast in the night, grasping your neck in its teeth and not letting go. The intensity of the black metal styled moments hits hard and brings you to your knees as the cold ambient sections come in and swallow you whole. The most noteworthy track on this release is Apnoe. This song begins with some atmospheric passages, and creates an extraordinary visual experience of sadness, despair, and frost. The guitars begin and Wahntraums deathly screams of agonizing madness ensue. The melody is amazing as it continues painting the visual image of no hope. About midway through, there is a really crispy and catchy piano breakdown that comes marching along and is quite enjoyable. Title track Malstrom is another great one, with intensity right off the line and with thrashy echoing drums and wintry melody. Karg is something that should not be missed. Rather than being just another ambient black metal album, this album has become an excellent addition to my collection.

Genre: Ambient; Black Metal
Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Location: Sankt Johann im Pongau, Salzburg; Austria
Release: June 29th, 2014


1. Neurasthenie
2. Malstrom
3. Karthasis
4. Dekarntion
5. Melancholia A. D.
6. Apnoe

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