Kerker – Naechtliches Imperium Rehearsal MC (Demo)


Kerker is an obscure raw black metal band from Germany who play some pretty badass music. Consisting of M. (Bass), Dominion (Drums), Neideck (Drums, Vocals), and Arges, (Guitars), the band has released two demo tapes, Naechtliches Imperium Rehearsal MC being the second one. This tape has four songs of some pretty cool, raw gruesomeness, and is an excellent addition to any die hard black metal fan’s collection. Diving in, the release opens with Mitternacht, which is a short classical piano introduction that is very dark and moody. Thy Kingdom of Darkness Follows, and throws the listener into a wild frenzy immediately, with raw pounding drums and guitars accompanied by Neideck’s groaning screams. The track has a few spots of twangy-ness here and there and really gets your head banging. Nocturnal Empire is next, and is my favorite track on the tape, with some more intense pulsating drums and a great rhythm. It begins at a very fast pace, and then slows down about midway to really emphasize the vocalists growling spoken word, and then picks up the pace again and goes all out. The final track, Underground Fires Still Burning, is more of the same fast paced rawness you have heard, again being very moody, sinister, and awesome. This demo tape is pretty cool, and if you can get your hands on it is a worthy listen.

Genre: Black Metal
Label: None/Self Released
Location: Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany
Release: 2007


1. Mitternacht
2. Thy Kingdom of Darkness
3. Nocturnal Empire
4. Underground Fires Still Burning

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