Les Discrets – Ariettes Oubliées…

Les Discrets’ debut album Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées was an outstanding piece of art and now one of my favorite albums of all time. It would surely be a difficult task to even come close to duplicating the quality of that album, but Fursy Teyssier of Les Discrets and crew came very close to accomplishing that feat with Ariettes Oubliées…. Les Discrets sound continues to be difficult to describe, although it tends to lean towards post-black metal with elements of shoegaze, even though the band has no relation to black metal. Ariettes Oubliées… is in many ways quite similar sonically to Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées, but perhaps not as dreamy and more direct. The album opens with Linceul d’Hiver—an instrumental track that slowly builds with majesty and erupts with a heavier section before leading into the second track. La Traversée is a fast paced dreamy song with multiple layers of guitar. Distorted guitars lay behind the mix, while the individual strings of semi-acoustic guitars are heard above. The first half of the song has a hopeful feel before it leads into dreamy mystery, then this leads into a heavier section with blast beats. The middle section of Ariettes Oubliées… is amazing beginning with Le Mouvement Perpétuel. A majestic and dreamy guitar melody exquisitely builds to epic proportions with the interplay between double bass drums, guitars and the vocals of Fursy Teyssier and Audrey Hadorn carry the song. The title track is another standout that begins with acoustic guitar that builds to an epic section with drums and guitar. Again, stellar vocals by both Teyssier and Hadorn, coupled with a majestic atmosphere take the song to new heights before a brooding acoustic guitar section closes out this song. La Nuit Muette has a more upbeat beginning, but then the middle of the song takes a dark and doomy turn, as if the approach of death was near. Later the song has a mysterious, yet ominous acoustic guitar ending. Après l’Ombre has been heard on previous splits, but this version seems to have different sound production. I tend to prefer the earlier version, but this version is still good nonetheless, particularly the guitar and vocal melodies heard throughout. Finally, Ariettes Oubliées… concludes with Les Regrets, which begins with a dreamy intro, before exploding into a heavy ending, showcasing drummer Winterhalter’s skills, and fading out. Les Discrets has crafted another marvelous album with Ariettes Oubliées…. Although, I slightly prefer the debut, this is a mighty fine album that is highly recommended for fans of post-black metal, atmospheric black metal, and fans of shoegaze-related music. Les Discrets does not necessarily sound like these particular genres, but elements of their sound should appeal to fans of these genres. Highly recommended.

Genre: Post-Black Metal, Shoegaze
Country: France
Label: Prophecy Productions
Release: February 10, 2012

1. Linceul d’hiver
2. La Traversée
3. Le Mouvement perpétuel
4. Ariettes oubliées I : Je devine à travers un murmure…
5. La nuit muette
6. Au Creux de l’hiver
7. Après l’ Ombre
8. Les Regrets

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