Manii – Kollaps

Manii owes its origins to what seemed to have been the demise of Norwegian avant-garde band Manes. Manes began in the 90s as an obscure black metal band that obtained a cult following with some black metal demos and full-length album Under Ein Blodraud Maane. However, soon after this release Manes alienated much of their cult black metal fanbase by venturing into an Ulver-esque avant-garde direction. Manes claimed to have called it quits in 2011, but has since reformed. This gap led to the formation of Manii with Manes guitarist Cernunnus aka Tor-Helge Skei and former Manes black metal vocalist Sargatanas. Manii’s first album Kollaps aims to continue where Under Ein Blodraud Maane left off and continue in the black metal direction. Kollaps is predominantly atmospheric black metal. It begins with Skoddeheim, which consists of slow-paced atmospheric black metal and doomy repetitive guitars. Spacey electronic effects are sprinkled throughout giving the album a slight otherworldly feel. Liv-øydar continues with the same slow-paced atmospheric black metal, but with more spacey effects. Ei Sjæl som Sloknar slightly changes the pace with some slightly faster atmospheric black metal and a faster vocal rhythm by Sargatanas. Sargatanas vocals are pretty good and his screams fit the mood of the album, although he rarely, if ever, changes his vocal delivery. The same can be said of the drums and the guitars. Sometimes it feels as if the same song has been played repeatedly. The instrumentation and atmosphere of the album are good, as on Ei Beingrind i Dans, which has some nice guitar work, but generally the album lacks variety. Kollaps is still a good atmospheric black metal album; it just does not do anything that stands out, though those who enjoy dark atmospheric music may find something to enjoy in this.

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release: January 9, 2013

1. Skoddeheim
2. Liv-øydar
3. Likfugl flaksar
4. Ei sjæl som sloknar
5. Kaldt
6. Endelaust
7. Ei beingrind i dans
8. Avgrunns djuv

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