Mariona Aupí – Criatura

Mariona Aupí is a Spanish musician from Barcelona, Spain that I discovered after her collaboration with fellow Spaniard, Carlos Ann. Criatura is her first solo album, and I would go as far as to say it is the sister album to Carlos Ann’s electronic Agatsu album. They both share a similar electronic sound palette and he also produced this Criatura album. Mariona Aupí’s music on Criatura can be described as electronic music that does not force itself upon the listener, and Aupí’s cabaret-style vocals. It is an incredibly short album—a mere twenty-nine minutes. The opening track, Señora de Feroz, is representative of the album with its subtle electronics and Aupí’s cabaret-style vocals that are very soothing. The album does have a bit of a Spanish tango feel, but with an electronic sound, as in Lanzador de cuchillos. Fiebre has an electrical electronic sound that is humbled by meowing cats. This album is quite varied despite the stiff electronic sound palette. Intimidad has a marching, yet extraterrestrial sound to it, while Arboles Negros has piano and an icy, mysterious atmosphere. Gira Asi has 1950s rock attitude, but with electronic sounds as it rocks back and forth, while, in contrast, the album closer, Pasión Guiñolento is a slow piano track that incorporates some electric guitar. I generally do not like electronic music, but they are not overwhelming on this album. Electronics are used as drums, which give the album some percussion and rhythm. Criatura is a good beginning for Mariona Aupí, who has a great voice and a promising future. If she is anything like Carlos Ann, who she seems to often collaborate with, it should be expected for her to explore numerous other genres in the future.

Genre: Electronic
Country: Spain
Label: Fluido Violeta
Release: September 19, 2013

1. Señora de Feroz
2. Pedralbes
3. Lanzador de cuchillos
4. Fiebre
5. Criatura
6. Intimidad
7. Árboles negros
8. Gira así
9. Pasión Guiñolento

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