Marston Smith – TechnOrganica


Playing a 6 string electric cello and dressed up in some battle armor from the Halo video game series was my first experience with hearing Marston Smith, AKA Lord of the Cello, at the Citadel Outlets in Anaheim. At first, I was not really sure what I was seeing, with this man dressed up, playing a cello as well as drumming on it, but I was captivated by the sound. It was really cool, unique, and drew my attention. From there I went home and did some research, and here I am with my first album by the guy. TechnOrganica is a full length album released in 2002, and is a top quality production full of a variety of tracks that are easy on the ears and can be best classified in the New Age music genre. The songs have a variety of influences heard throughout, such as egyptian, flamenco, celtic, pop, etc. There is really something for everyone. The tracks are inspirational and relaxing, and take the listener on a joyous ride through some good sounds. Title track TechnOrganica is a great introduction and one of the strongest tracks, with a melancholic cello, and nice rhythm. Mystify Me is another superb song, with a wonderful melody that carries the listener’s mind through many visions, and is just a beautiful piece of work. Another notable track is Suenos Antiguaas, with a classical Spanish feel to it. My favorite track on the album is Sunday’s Song, which is a relaxing, well made song with that awesome cello at a slower pace, and great accompanying electronics and beat in the background. Overally, this guy is badass. He pretty much drew me to this type of music I never really even thought I would listen to. His style is unique, with his own crafted instrument; his presentation draws you in, with his various garb choices and assortment of battle armors, and it is something appealing and has made a lasting impression on me. Highly recommended.

Genre: New Age, Experimental
Label: Chawnersmith Records
Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Release: 2002


1. TechnOrganica
2. Dancing Heart
3. Mystify Me
4. Cyan
5. Five Leaf Clover
6. Don’t Forget
7. Aboriginal
8. Dismantle the Cannon
9. Suenos Antiguaas
10. Sundays Song
11. Sands of Time
12. Amazing Grace

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