Mathias Grassow & John Haughm – Mosaic

Cosmic serenity permeates throughout this collaboration between German ambient artist Mathias Grassow and atmospheric black metal’s Agalloch vocalist John Haughm. Mosaic, the title of this release, consists of three ambient pieces that are adequately represented by the artwork, with a spanning desert sea and a dark, introspective sky. Droning cosmic ambiance and the scattered ringing of chimes seamlessly flow for the duration of the album, as John Haughm’s subtle harmonized vocalized chants reverberate in the distance. Mosaic III, the third piece, introduces subtle Agalloch-esque percussion and subtle use of acoustic guitar, reminiscent of Agalloch’s The White EP. Mosaic provides for quite a mystical and spiritual experience, ideal for moments of introspection and great for inspiration when writing a lengthy paper. Fans of Agalloch’s ambient aspects will want to check this release out, while fans of minimalist ambient music will additionally find much to enjoy.

Genre: Ambient
Country: Germany/USA
Label: Licht von Dämmerung Arthouse
Release: June 1, 2012

1. Mosaic I
2. Mosaic II
3. Mosaic III

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