Morlich – Tempest (EP)

When I think of Scottish music, I immediately envision kilts and bagpipes. As stereotypical as that may be, very few metal bands come to mind when thinking of Scotland. To fill the void, melodic death/black metal band Morlich has arrived. Morlich fuses heavy symphonic elements, screaming vocals, and rabid guitar and drum beats together to create a wild, mayhem-filled ride. When making comparisons, the band that comes to mind the most when listening to Morlich is Shade Empire, as their musical style is very similar with heavy reliance on the symphonic elements powering the songs. Not a bad thing in the least, as Morlich is an excellent band. Decay opens up the 4 track EP with a very short intro, followed by intense drumming and instruments. Vocalist Corvus utilizes a dual vocal style with his screams, which one is like normal tone black metallish vocals, and the other is a more mechanical, dark style. They coincide and blend together with one another and really add some flavor. Crownless is another frantic ride, with an intense introduction with an almost marching-like style to it. The song switches it up about midway with some consistent double bass backed with some really cool symphonic tunes and guitars. Tempest is probably my favorite track, which I find really catchy and a great sound overall. The song fuses together all elements really well and keeps great balance. The Water’s Lament closes the release out with a slow instrumental piece. Overall, I can wholeheartedly recommend checking these guys out. They came out of nowhere for me, and are a welcome addition to my music catalogue. Check it out now.

Genre: Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Label: Ouergh Records
Location: East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom
Release: October 3rd, 2014


1. Decay
2. Crownless
3. Tempest
4. The Water’s Lament

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