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The year 2010 marked a tremendous year of music for me with a number of superb releases and musical discoveries. Among those superb releases was the debut album by Morti titled Exmundus. Morti has been a prominent figure in the Spanish underground rock scene after his work in Fantasico Hombre Bala, hard rock/metal band Skizoo, and more recently, InMune. Exmundus is an album of very high production quality and lush sound and an album that I would consider among my favorites of all time. The music is also quite varied, interesting, and quite different from his other works. Promesas starts off the album with a poppy track that has the great vocals of Morti, cabaret-style piano, and overall fun rock music. Ya No Encajan Las Piezas continues with upbeat rock music with some prominent bass lines. Sueño Contigo is among my favorites of the album with a great vocal melody and soaring vocals from Morti. Es De Hiedra slows the pace down with a dreamy, hypnotic track that generally plods along at a slow pace with thick bass lines. Enrique Bunbury has a guest appearance on this track as the track picks up the distortion from time to time. Ninfas, on the other hand, is an upbeat track consisting of acoustic guitar and more stellar vocals from Morti. Morti is among my favorite Spanish vocalists and he has quite a range. Cielo Crepuscular is another stand out track that features some great ascending vocals and instrumentation during the second half of the song. Dime Tu is a rockier, grungier track, while De Purpurina y Pan is a slower, relaxing track with Elefantes vocalist Shuarma as guest. Magenta is yet another great track that has some nice interplay between bass guitar and piano that interweaves with yet another nice vocal melody. There are no weak tracks on this album; each are of high quality, including Sopla el Viento, Estatua de Sal, and Un Minuto Mas–all examples of the standard Morti sets. Finally, Exmundus closes with Nubila Khan—another slow, piano driven track and some layers of guitar to close out this marvelous album. An album, such as Exmundus, should have been released by Morti long ago. It is really a great piece of work and hopefully, there are more to come in the future. This album is highly recommended for those looking for some varied Spanish rock. Fans of Morti’s other bands definitely should check this out, as well as fans of underground Spanish language music.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock
Country: Spain
Label: AWA Records
Release: June 4, 2010

1. Promesas
2. Ya no encajan las piezas
3. Sueño Contigo
4. Es de Hiedra
5. Sopla el Viento
6. Ninfas
7. Estatua de sal
8. Dime Tu
9. Un minuto más
10. De Purpurina y Pan
11. Cielo Crepuscular
12. Magenta
13. Nubila Khan

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