My Dying Bride – A Line of Deathless Kings

If Edgar Allen Poe was in a metal band, then My Dying Bride would be that band. This gothic/doom metal band has a style that would fit the words of that poet. A Line of Deathless Kings is the ninth studio album for My Dying Bride and one that is a little more active then most of their releases. It still has that gothic gloomy morbidity and those doom metal riffs with prominent bass lines. However, the music feels more aggressive and like there is more going on than in most doom metal. A Line of Deathless Kings features songs that explore, as a song title suggests, love’s intolerable pain. There is nothing happy in this release, but anyone with knowledge of My Dying Bride will come to expect that anyway. Aaron Stainthorpe vocals are perfectly suited for this music, ranging from excellent spoken word and dreary singing. Much of the songs on this release are similar in tone and structure. Each song is solid, although there are times where they tend to drag on, but this is an aspect of doom metal. Several songs deal with the issue of love, but in a dark sense, such as L’Amour Detruit and I Cannot Be Loved. And I Walk Among Them is a pretty epic track about being forsaken by God. One of Beauty’s Daughters has some sections with a nice interplay between guitar and drums. Growled vocals make small appearances in Love’s Intolerable Pain and Deeper Down. Stainthorpe’s growled vocals have ruined many My Dying Bride songs for me. They are hit or miss, often on the miss side, however, on this release they mesh well with the rest of the music. My Dying Bride has crafted another gloomy album with A Line of Deathless Kings. Fans of My Dying Bride, doom, and gothic metal should have an interest in this album. It is one of my favorites from My Dying Bride.

Genre: Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
Country: England
Label: Peaceville
Release: October 9, 2006

1. To Remain Tombless
2. L’amour Detruit
3. I Cannot Be Loved
4. And I Walk With Them
5. Thy Raven Wings
6. Loves Intolerable Pain
7. One Of Beauty’s Daughters
8. Deeper Down
9. The Blood, The Wine, The Roses

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