Nacho Vegas – Desaparezca Aqui

Over the past several years, Nacho Vegas has become one of my favorite musical artists. His third album–Desaparezca Aqui—is probably one of those five albums I would take to me to a deserted island type of album, although it would be a difficult choice between this album and his Cajas De Música Dificiles De Parar double-album. Regardless of that choice, there is a good chance this album would drive me to drown my sorrows in the oceans surrounding that aforementioned desert island. Nacho Vegas’ music is interesting in that its lyrical content is quite melancholic, sometimes pathetic, yet humorous, while the music comes in a variety of moods. Desaparezca Aqui opens with the introductory Maravillas De La Condición Humana, which has some slow acoustic guitar, a Western style, and Vegas’ melancholic nasal voice. El Hombre Que Casi Conoció A Michi Panero picks up the pace with a musically more upbeat song that has clapping, the laughter of children in the background, backing female vocals and some fun trumpet playing towards the end of the song. Lyrically, the mood is different from that of the music. Ella Me Confundió Con Otra Persona is quite a rocking song with some nice guitar solos before the song slows down in the middle with some piano backed by guitar, but soon the rocking mood returns. Perdimos El Control also shares this rocking attitude. Nuevos Planes, Idénticas Estrategias is a classic and standard Nacho Vegas song with some “lala lala lala” vocals accompanied by trumpets. Expect the same semi-acoustic singer-songwriter instrumentation and lyrics of mediocrity and failure. The latter half of the album is where Nacho Vegas’ melancholy shines. Cerca del Cielo is one his most brutally depressive songs, albeit a cover song. The slow guitar, keyboard atmosphere, subtle drumming, and piano take the listener to a miserable, yet enjoyable place. Ocho y Medio is another of Vegas’ most depressing songs as the guitar and lyrics ooze with melancholy. This is augmented even further with the use of harmonica. Al Norte De Mí, Autoayuda, and La Noche Más Larga Del Año finish this magnificent album off with more standard classic Nacho Vegas. This album is one of Nacho Vegas’ finest. Every track on this album belongs on this album. Although melancholy is the primary emotion, the music passes through a number of moods and styles that keeps the listening experience interesting. Vegas is a master at writing lyrics that pierce the soul, yet there is still a sense of hope coupled with some humor. Desaparzca Aqui is a great introduction to Nacho Vegas, but it is also probably his best all-around.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Country: Spain
Label: Limbo Starr
Release: June 5, 2005

1. Maravillas de la condición humana
2. El hombre que casi conoció a Michi Panero
3. Ella me confundió con otra persona
4. Nuevos planes, idénticas estrategias
5. Cerca del cielo
6. Perdimos el control
7. Ocho y medio
8. Al norte de mí
9. Autoayuda
10. La noche más larga del año

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