Nacho Vegas – El Género Bobo (EP)

El Género Bobo is among the several quality EPs by Spanish singer-songwriter Nacho Vegas. His EPs are often equally as good as the full-length albums they share recording sessions with. In many ways, they feel like mini-albums. Much of El Género Bobo is standard Nacho Vegas; therefore the high quality and Vegas’ very nasal vocals are expected. This EP opens with Como en los Erizos, which is mostly noise and a description by Vegas on why love was invented—to share pain. Nacho Vegas’ songs tend to have a bit of variety. Pesadilla Generica sounds like a Western song and sounds a little happy, while the lyrics are not necessarily so. The song also has backing female vocals, clapping, bongo drums, and ends with some whistling. Las Inmensas Preguntas is very Leonard Cohen-esque. I would go as far as saying Nacho Vegas is the Leonard Cohen of Spain. The rest of the EP is standard Nacho Vegas with the traits described above. Finally the album closes with (Al Final) Te estare esperando, which at the very end has a little kid trying to sing the song, but has a bit of a stuttering problem. El Género Bobo is a solid compliment to the full length El Manifiesto Desastre that preceded it. It is representative of the Nacho Vegas sound for those not familiar with his music.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Country: Spain
Label: Limbo Starr
Release: October 5, 2009

1. Como en los Erizos
2. Pesadilla Generica
3. Las Inmensas Preguntas
4. Penúltimo Anhelo
5. (Al Final) Te estare esperando

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