Nacho Vegas – Resituación

Spanish “indie” singer-songwriter, Nacho Vegas, has become one of my favorite artists over the past several years, and my most listened to artist over the past four years. Generally, I would be greatly anticipating a new Nacho Vegas album; however, with his previous album, there had been a shift in direction. The new direction is still a good direction; it just has a different kind of impact compared to Vegas’ earlier work. The first few albums were quite depressing, melancholic, while the songs themselves had varied structures and transitions. Yet, Resituación, and its predecessor, La Zona Sucia, have opted for a simpler and more acoustic sound. Resituación is basically a continuation of the EP, Cómo Hacer Crac. The songs on this album have subtle political undertones and less of the personal introspection that was prevalent on previous albums. These new songs still retain the simple structures as seen on the previous album, but are slightly more involved with more layers of instrumentation. Resituación opens with the majestic guitar and orchestration of the instrumental Indefensos. Actores Pocos Memorables goes into the core style of the album with simple guitar work, but with a fun and ironic vocal melody/lyrical theme. Layers of electric guitar, drums, and keyboards build beneath. Polvorado is another fun upbeat track with a nice backing choir, in addition to the upbeat rhythms of Adolfo Suicide. Runrún is another example of nice backing vocals in an overall peaceful and relaxing song. Ciudad Vampira is a banjo and harmonica-laden track, again with the ironic and comical lyrical style of Vegas. Despite the title, Un Día Usted Morirá is another upbeat song with plenty of layers of instrumentation and Vegas’ ironic lyrics. Resituación is a fun album to listen to, but it is much different than his earlier work. Each of the songs are solid, but there is not a standout track. Resituación is another fine addition to the discography of Nacho Vegas, and continues in this new direction. Older fans may not be as keen to this shift, but the quality is still there, albeit with a different mood and perspective.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Indie
Country: Spain
Label: Marxophone
Release: April 8, 2014

1. Indefensos
2. Actores Poco Memorables
3. Polvorado
4. Rapaza de San Antolín
5. Ciudad Vampira
6. Runrún
7. Adolfo Suicide
8. Luz de Agosto en Gijón
9. Libertariana Song
10. Un Día Usted Morirá
11. La Vida Manca

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