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Despite the simplicity of the instrumentation, Ola Podrida’s self-titled debut always seems to hold my attention. After discovering this album through Last.fm, it was played daily for quite some time. David Wingo’s Ola Podrida plays a simple, yet genuine “indie” folk filled with melancholy. The album opens with the gentle guitar and soft vocals in The New Science. Keyboards add to the building layers of music as drums come into play and guitars become slightly stronger in the second half. Jordanna is a slower piece that has some nice vocals from Wingo and a stronger second half. Sensations of melancholy and nostalgia are incredibly strong in this release. Day at the Beach is my favorite track of the album, which is a great melancholic track augmented greatly by Wingo’s soft vocals. Pour Me Another is another slow melancholic track driven by piano. A Clouded View is a majestic track that builds with Wingo’s soothing vocals. In contrast to the prominent slower and melancholic tracks mentioned above, Lost and Found and the closing Eastbound are more upbeat, with the latter track driven by banjo. Much of this album consists of songs that share a similar style, but the emotion genuinely conveyed makes this a very high-quality album. I find this my favorite of the three current Ola Podrida albums. This is a highly recommended album for those seeking melancholic acoustic folk music.

Genre: Indie, Folk
Country: USA
Label: Plug Research
Release: April 24, 2007

1. The New Science
2. Jordanna
3. Instead
4. Cindy
5. Photo Booth
6. Run Off The Road
7. Day At The Beach
8. Lost And Found
9. A Clouded View
10. Pour Me Another
11. Eastbound

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