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Palms is the collaboration between former post-rock giant Isis members Aaron Harris, Bryant Clifford Meyer, Jeff Caxide and Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno. Palms has many aspects that make the Isis influence clear within the sound, but there are some aspects that make it different, such as walls of distorted guitars, and obviously Chino Moreno’s vocals. Also, Moreno’s vocals obviously bare similarities to his work with Deftones, but with Palms they are generally softer and serve a more atmospheric purpose. The opening track Future Warrior establishes the sound that is to be expected on this self-titled debut album from Palms. In many ways, it is similar to a softer Isis, with its post-rock guitars and calm, peaceful, oceanic atmosphere ideal for a sunset along the beach. The song later intensifies as Moreno soft wails turn to yelling vocals, albeit not too intensely, as they mix with heavier distorted guitars. None of the instruments overpower the other; they tend to blend together to augment the atmosphere the album evokes, although Moreno’s vocals are at times too high in the mix. Most of the songs are fairly similar in style and each are about equal in quality. Patagonia begins with a very strong Isis feel with their trademark post-rock sound before Moreno unleashes some stronger vocals. Shortwave Radio builds to an epic second half, while the album closes with Antarctic Handshake, which has the strongest calming, soothing, beach-side atmosphere of the album, but in the Palms/Isis fashion. Palms is a solid debut album for this project. It shares strong similarities to Isis musically, although the band make not like that sentiment, but is has enough to distinguish it from Isis’ shadow. Chino Moreno does a great job of adapting his vocal style to the music of Palms as it seamlessly blends into the sound and atmosphere of the album. Fans of post-rock, Isis, and the Deftones should check this out, although perhaps the average Deftones fan may find aspects of this album boring. However, there is still much to enjoy with this release. It manages to find a distinguishable middle ground between those two bands.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Post Rock
Country: USA
Label: Ipecac Recordings
Release: June 25, 2013

1. Future Warrior
2. Patagonia
3. Mission Sunset
4. Shortwave Radio
5. Tropics
6. Antarctic Handshake

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