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When I think of Anders Friden these days, I think of a legendary figure in melodic death metal, who had pioneered that genre forward many years ago with In Flames. However, in his current situation, he has fallen from that pedestal into a world of mediocrity. During the transitioning period that this occured, he collaborated with Niclas Engelin (Guitar), Patrik Sten (Drums), and Håkan Skoger (Bass) on a side project titled Passenger. Passenger was an alternative metal band formed by these individuals, and their only full length album was released in 2003 and was titled Passenger as well. This album is eleven tracks of groovy alternative metal, featuring Friden on Vocals. This album was released only a year prior to the In Flames album, Soundtrack To Your Escape, in which a large part of the fanbase believes In Flames had began their downward spiral. This may not have much to do with this album, but it is important to know this. For Passenger, Friden focuses on his clean vocal style, which is mumbly in tone. His screaming accompanies as well, although it is down toned and much less refined than heard with In Flames. This actually works great for this alternative metal style album. I have listened to this album many times over the years and can safely say it is an amazing piece of work. Passenger features groovy, head banging alternative metal that is catchy and well written. The songwriting is solid and easy on the ears. Being alternative metal, if you are looking for the badass solos on many old school In Flames albums, you’ve come to the wrong place. Instead here, you will get typical verse-chorus form musical instrumentation. The entire album follows this style throughout. Notable tracks include In My Head, with its groovy slower-paced introduction, listenable lyrics, and overall tone. Circles is also another favorite, with an atmospheric guitar intro, and some keyboards driving it forward, as well as Anders mumbled vocals, which build up and gain structure in which he begins screaming and driving the song. I’d say this total release is great, and if you are looking for some alternative metal that features Friden and is catchy as hell, you can’t find a better release. Recommended.

Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Century Media
Location: Sweden
Release: April 28th, 2003


1. In Reverse
2. In My Head
3. For You
4. Just The Same
5. Carnival Diaries
6. Circus
7. Rain
8. Circles
9. I Die Slowly
10. Used
11. Eyes of My Mind

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