Penguinum – Balancing

Music is everywhere. Technology has advanced so much in these last twenty years that instead of having to dig deep for music, it can just fall into your lap. However, to find something good one must still search it out, and with the ease of publishing online these days, you have to wade through more and more shit than ever before to find the good stuff. Luckily, I stumbled over Penguinum today. Releasing free music online, I ran across Penguinum while looking through Bandcamp releases, and the cover of Balancing got my attention. Being clearly a cover of an environment in Minecraft, I figured the music was video game related. I started to check it out and was enthralled to hear the style of ambient/new age music I’ve been into lately. Using a program called LMMS, Penguinum has crafted some pretty neat tracks with a calming, feel-good vibe to them. Rainy Day is one such example, with an encouraging background layer of synth and a melody that makes one feel a sense of accomplishment. Above the Forest is a great atmospheric piece, with spacey synth layered throughout which gives the song a vibe of mystery and wonder. My favorite track, September Air, contains a nice guitar melody that has a very relaxing aura about it. It repeats itself and is a very comforting song. Overall, I have became a fan of Penguinum today out of sheer chance, and recommend checking out his/her stuff. It’s all free on Bandcamp, so really what’ve you got to lose? Recommended.

Genre: Ambient, New Age
Label: None
Location: Russia
Release Date: August 19th, 2014
Purchase: Bandcamp (FREE!)

1. Snow Falling
2. Ice Song
3. Strange Dream 1
4. Strange Dream 2
5. Rainy Day
6. Falling Snow
7. Above the Forest
8. It Seemed That I Remember
9. Strange Voices
10. Air
11. September Air
12. Sunny Rain

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