Phideaux – Doomsday Afternoon

Many mediocre bands rise to fame, while some musical gems lurk in the shadows. Phideaux is one of those gems that deserve much more attention. Phideaux is an artsy progressive rock band from Los Angeles led by Phideaux Xavier. Interestingly, Phideaux Xavier is also an award-winning TV director best known for his work directing American soap operas, such as General Hospital. This band also does not tour, but does occasionally perform at various festivals. Phideaux is a band that composes music on their own terms and does not have the limitations imposed by record labels or a need to cater to a fanbase. The end result is some amazing music that has been crafted over time. Doomsday Afternoon is their sixth full-length album and is an exquisite piece of art. The opening track Micro Softdeathstar establishes the core sound of the album. Expect nothing short of majestic progressive rock music with great keyboards that provide both melody and atmosphere. The latter half of the song involves lush orchestration and nice female vocals in addition to Phideaux Xavier. His voice may initially sound slightly cheesy, or even nerdy, if you will, but it soon becomes a core part of the music. The Doctrine of Eternal Ice (Part One) opens with some cheesy keyboards, but soon leads into majestic orchestration and flutes. Candybrain and Crumble continue with the stellar use of flutes that are accompanied by acoustic guitar, as well as piano in Crumble’s case. Thank You for the Evil is another stellar piece of progressive rock with some nice bass, acoustic guitar and keyboards. The progressive rock journey continues for the rest of the album before culminating with Microdeath Softstar. The album flows seamlessly across a dynamic spectrum of styles and moods. Doomsday Afternoon is an exquisite album from Phideaux and one that progressive rock enthusiasts need to listen to. It is indeed among my favorite progressive rock albums and deserves much more recognition.

Genre: Progressive Rock
Country: USA
Label: Bloodfish Media
Release: June 21, 2007

1 Micro Softdeathstar
2 The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Part One)
3 Candybrain
4 Crumble
5 The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Part Two)
6 Thank You For The Evil
7 A Wasteland Of Memories
8 Crumble
9 Formaldehyde
10 Microdeath Softstar

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