Portopia ’81 – Jet Stream

Hypnotic dreamlike synthscape. Thus is the best way to describe Portopia ’81’s newest release Jet Stream. When I picked up Stardust Memory last year, I began to listen to new age synthesizer music more than ever before. Stardust Memory was my gateway into this type of music, so it brings me great joy to see Hiroshi Mizuno’s next release so soon. Jet Stream is a tape released on Constellation Tatsu, a label known for releasing experimental and ambient electronic music.It is truly a perfect fit for this release. Mizuno’s style of dreamy interstellar synth from a future that could have been is enthralling. Containing six songs full of layered synthesizers, the listener is in for a treat. The songs are those that would be heard on a celestial journey full of discovery and wonder. Songs like the title track Jet Stream are what I enjoy listening to on repeat without a care in the world. The music is enticing with layers of synth of an ethereal fashion. Distant Horizon is also a great song with a rather nice melody, being very laid back and relaxing. It is my favorite track on the release. Light and Shadow is a great closing song with some traditional piano starting off, a drum beat and synth slowly building into more of the same out of this world style of calm music to unwind to. There is not a weak moment to this album. Overall, I am extremely happy with Jet Stream and am already awaiting the next Portopia ’81 album while this one plays on repeat. Highly recommended.

Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Synth
: Constellation Tatsu
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Release: April 21st, 2015
Purchase: Constellation Tatsu

1. Jet Stream
2. Sparkling Constellation
3. Sea of Clouds
4. Distant Horizon
5. Strange Dream
6. Light and Shadow

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