Shade Empire – Sinthetic


From Finland, Shade Empire is a heavily keyboard driven melodic death/black metal band. The band plays a pretty intense/epic sounding style of metal, in which the keyboards are the strongest part on the album. By the way, Sinthetic is also their debut album.  I had started listening to this album around 2006, and just came back to it recently. I had listened constantly prior, and now that I am coming back to it I can see why. I was in a heavy power metal phase at the time, and melodic death metal had already taken grasp of me. This band is a great blend of the two, as the keyboards make it feel very power metallish, while vocals and everything else bring in the melodic death/black metal. All of the songs have a great sound, and do have quite a bit variety in each as well. The best tracks are Conjuration and Extreme Form of Hatred.  In all honesty, without the keyboards as prevalent as they are on this album, it would not be nearly as good and is the driving force of what makes this album great. Check out the video below, as it is one of the top songs on the album.

Genre: Melodic Industrial Black/Death Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release: March 15th, 2004


1. Conjuration
2. Pain & Pleasure
3. Human Sculpture
4. Designed for Blood
5. Creation of Death
6. Ja Pimeys Laskeutui
7. Extreme Form of Hatred
8. Demonized
9. End of Dreams

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