Skizoo – Incerteza

Back in the days of Myspace, I was going through the music pages searching for bands from Spain. Because I have family there, I tried to find music from there, and it was by accident after going through pages of what appeared to be Spanish power metal, I stumbled across Skizoo. Skizoo was formed in 2005 by guitarists, Jorge Escobedo and Antonio Bernardini, who had just broken up the band, Sôber. Morti, of Bushido, El Fantasico Hombre Bala, his solo project, Ex Mundus, and now, InMune, was the vocalist. Dani Perez plays drums and Edu Fernandez on bass. Incerteza is the second of the group’s three albums. Skizoo plays a style of hard rock/metal in the vein of a Disturbed or a Godsmack, expect with more talent overall. Incerteza is the band’s most metal, and that the same time, most melodic album. Escobedo and Bernardini greatly expand the quality of their guitar work as compared to with Sôber, each with a number of stellar solos throughout the album. Drummer Dani Perez comes from a metal background, and he has become one of my favorite drummers, with an elaborate use of double bass drums. Morti is a superb vocalist and lyricist. The combination of their work adds up to one of my favorite hard rock/metal bands that play straight to the point songs. There was a point when this was my favorite band. Most of the songs are of high quality, in particular the very metal, No Me Dejes Solo, Dame Aire, Elixir, and the melodic Algun Dia and Que Vamos a Hacer? Skizoo only made three albums before disbanding. The two guitarists decided to reform Sôber, which I find to be quite generic and bland compared to Skizoo. Skizoo is definitely a band worth checking out if you are ok with Spanish vocals and what straight-forward hard rock/metal. I also recommend checking out all of Morti’s other projects and Dani Perez’s new band, Khael.

Genre: Hard Rock, Metal
Country: Spain
Label: EMI Spain
Release: February 19, 2007

1. No Me Dejes Solo
2. Dame Aire
3. Elixir
4. Algún Día
5. Prométemelo
6. Cuando No Estás
7. De Sol A Sol
8. Esta Locura
9. Qué Vamos a Hacer
10. Incerteza
11. Puede Ser

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