Slave’s Mask – Soak Kaos

Industrial, black metal tinged group Slave’s Mask is something unique in my book. I stumbled upon this after listening to Juha Kettunen’s other project, Somnivore, and was intrigued by what I had heard. Soak Kaos is the groups first release in 8 years, and second overall release under the Slave’s Mask moniker. The music heard here is heavily industrialized electronics that do have some black metal influences heard throughout, making it a dark, grimly adventure that is haunting in tone. Slave’s Mask reminds me of Ascension of the Watchers at times, with the vocal style dark and music mysterious in nature, yet still retaining some uniqueness with its heavily industrial aspects. Title track Saok Kaos opens, with some ambient pianos, electronic sounding drumming, and spoken vocals. Guitars come in with a catchy riff, and vocals then take the form of deep singing. The song is a strong introduction to what is coming up. St. Swastika Street is next, with some nice piano introducing it, and the spoken word/chanting that is going on with this works well. Electronics pop in and the song really gets grooving. Shadow Path Mantra is next, starting out with some heavy electronics that resemble some kind of flute mixed with bagpipes. It is mesmerizing. Drumming then follows and the song gets this dark, hip-hop vibe going. The next song we have is Necropolis City Plan, which begins with some lo-fi drumming that stays strong throughout. About halfway, the somber vocals drop and the song gains more structure, and becomes very haunting. The next song, Hail The Sun, again begins with some drumming, but this time it has this very cool marching vibe to it. Vocals on this track are different, and focus on some screaming mechanical yells, and is a welcome change to what has been going on up to this point. The closing track, Pt. I – Ghost Currency / Pt. II – Scars, Stigmas & Stitches, is a nine minute journey through, again, some dark, deep and atmospheric industrial music. I would have to say that this album came out of nowhere for me, never even hearing of the band until recently. It is a little different than what I typically listen to, but I am glad to have heard it and would recommend it to anyone looking for something different and unique.

Genre: Industrial
Label: Osasto-A Records
Location: Kuopio, Finland
Release: April 1st, 2014


1. Soak Kaos
2. St. Swastika Street
3. Shadow Path Mantra
4. Necropolis City Plan
5. Hail the Sun
6. Pt. I – Ghost Currency / Pt. II – Scars, Stigmas & Stitches

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