Sleeping Pulse – Under the Same Sky

Personally, I was not expecting much from Sleeping Pulse, which consists of Antimatter’s Mick Moss in collaboration with Painted Black’s Luís Fazendeiro of Portugal. The generic sound of the project name did not help either. Antimatter’s previous album Fear of a Unique Identity felt quite lackluster and the lyrical topics cliché. However, as is many times the case, Sleeping Pulse’s debut album Under the Same Sky was a surprise. Luis Fazendeiro is in charge of all of the music, which often sounds quite similar to Antimatter’s general sound, leaving Mick Moss with the task of crafting lyrics and performing vocals. Under the Same Sky comes off as a solid effort by these two musicians. A spooky sample and ominous piano open the opening track of Parasite before Mick Moss’ deep gravelly vocals enter the stage. Ethereal atmosphere are layered beneath guitar and drums as each of the elements and Moss’ soaring vocals lead into a powerful second half. Gagging Order takes the album into a much more rocking direction. A mysterious, almost conspiratorial and distrustful feel permeates throughout this song, as well as the entire album. Backfire slows down the pace considerably with a slower piece replete with acoustic guitar and string arrangements until electric guitar unravels in the second half. Under the Same Sky may sound homogeneous as a whole, yet there is plenty of subtle variety and a broad vocal range exhibited by Moss to keep the album interesting. Tracks such as The Puppeteer, The Blind Lead the Blind, and Painted Rust have atmospheric underbodies, violin and cello passages, juxtaposed with rocking electric guitar and drums on tracks as Noose. War covers the full spectrum of the album as the track begins with a very Antimatter-esque acoustic piece before picking up the pace with electric guitar and Moss’ powerful vocals. Finally, the album closes with the title track and lyrics that sum up the atmosphere of the album: “we were under the same sky, but so far from the truth.” Under the Same Sky is a solid album that will appeal to fans of Antimatter, middle-era Anathema, or brooding semi-acoustic rock. It is not an amazing album, but definitely worthy of a few listens.

Genre: Atmospheric Rock, Alternative Rock
Country: UK/Portugal
Label: Prophecy Records
Release: October 31, 2014

1. Parasite
2. Gagging Order
3. Backfire
4. The Puppeteer
5. Foreign Body
6. The Blind Lead The Blind
7. Painted Rust
8. Noose
9. War
10. Under The Same Sky

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