Stovokor – Metal of Honor (Demo)


Klingon death metal! That is the only reason to bother listening to Stovokor. The Klingons are a warrior-alien-species from the Star Trek universe. Star Trek is awesome—I am speaking everything prior to the reboot, which I have yet to see—and if you do not like it, then fuck you! Star Trek is awesome and embodies many ideals our human species should strive for. Stovokor have only released a demo called Metal of Honor—apt for an alien species that emphasizes honor. Death metal seems a suitable genre for Klingons, although oddly in the lore of the series, they tend to enjoy opera and poetry when not in battle. Stovokor plays old-school death metal with some elements of thrash metal. Unfortunately, the music is quite amateur and of average quality. Metal of Honor opens with For the Glory of Qo’nos, which consists of slow to medium paced old-school death metal with vocals ranging from death metal growls and some power metal melody. The rest of the album has death metal vocals. The lyrics are in English. This demo could have been so much better had they been in Klingon to keep the theme. The lyrics taunt humans and make references to Klingon lore and customs. For example, Klingons seek death in battle and only view the body as a shell for the soul. The Void is Calling exemplifies this seeking of death in battle. Life in Exile begins with a slower doom metal section before leading into a more thrash metal section. The guitars and guitar solos are decent, but do not stand out. Nothing on this demo really stands out, actually. It is amateur death metal with a Klingon theme. But, this band dresses up as Klingons! And, this is a demo, so expectations should be kept low, even as the volume fluctuates during and between songs. Metal of Honor is a clever attempt to create death metal with Klingon flair. However, Klingons would surely deserve a more honorable musical output than sub-standard death metal–at least some of the lyrics should have been in Klingon.

Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Label: Self-Released
Release: 2004

1 – For the Glory of Qo’nos
2 – Life in Exile
3 – The Void is Calling
4 – Destruction
5 – The End is Nigh

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