Sun Devoured Earth – The Sunshine Always Fades

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of bands that have their background heavily influenced by black metal, but they are folk or some other genre. Upon going deeper into that root and finding other good music I had never heard, I stumbled upon a genre “Blackgaze”, which is Black Metal mixed with Shoegaze. From there, I found this band, Sun Devoured Earth, and am I ever glad I did. Sun Devoured Earth is a one man band from Latvia, consisting of a man named Vadim Vasilyev.  The Sunshine Always Fades is the first album I had checked out in its entirety by him, and it is awesome. The music is a mix of post rock sounding instrumentation with black metal influences. Every song on the album sounds like the world is a very dreary place, and on its last leg. My favorite tracks are Everything Always Ends Badly and I’m Bored of Living. Everything Always Ends Badly starts out as an ambient track with some vocals that resemble chanting of a churchlike atmosphere, and then it slowly meanders into adding a few layers of guitars, while the chanting becomes black metal screams. I’m Bored of Living is a pretty upbeat track, with a happier tone to the overall sadness heard on the album. The acoustic guitars on it are a welcome change.  I honestly do not have negativity to say about the album, it is overall a great listen and a relaxing time doing so. I recommend checking them out as soon as possible if you are into any type of Black Metal spinoff genres or post rock.

Genre: Post Black Metal/Shoegaze
Label: Handmade Bird Records
Release: April 1st, 2011

1. The Wind
2.. Emptiness
3. Spring Again
4. A Song About Hate
5. Everything Always Ends Badly
6. So Lonely
7. I’m Bored Of Living
8. Insomnia
9. Melancholy
10. Crashes Down
11. Birthday Balloons
12. Tides
13. Sorrow
14. Taking The Responsibility

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