Sybreed – Slave Design

I used to listen to Sybreed’s first album, Slave Design quite a bit. The album has a heavy industrial feel, with repeated heavy riffing and vocals that would all come together to sound like music you would hear in a factory that was producing cyborgs. The lyrical content is also pretty much to that level, describing robots with no will or reason to live and having no choice in a world of tyranny. The album is a pretty catchy affair, with vocals and music that is very memorable, although it can be hard to distinguish between the songs if you do not pay careful attention. Vocalist Benjamin Nominet has an interesting voice, with screams that are loud and consistent, but also has a great clean singing voice. My two favorite tracks on the album are ReEvolution and Decoy, both very catchy and good listens. The other songs are very good as well, but to me just do not stand out as much. If you are into cyborgs, industrial metal, and factories, I would recommend checking the album out. If not, well just check out the video below. It may peak your interest in this mechanical world.

Genre: Industrial/Groove Metal
Label: Reality
Release: September 7th, 2004

1. Bioactive
2. ReEvolution
3. Decoy
4. Synthetic Breed
5. Next Day Will Never Come
6. Machine Gun Messiah
7. Take The Red Pill
8. Rusted
9. Static Currents
10. Critical Mass
11. ReEvolution (Syntax Airplay Edit)
12. Decoy (Radio Slave Edit)

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