The Foreshadowing – Oionos


Oionos was one of my favorite and most listened to releases of 2010. It is the second album by Italy’s doom/gothic metal band, The Foreshadowing. They play a slow to medium paced doom metal, with gothic touches, and an apocalyptic feel. Marco Benevento’s deep baritone vocals are ideal for this type of music. His vocals may be a bit monotone, though. He sings with a very strong clean voice and there are no growled vocals, although he has the ability to do so, as seen in his work with How Like a Winter. The guitar work of Alessandro Pace and Andrea Chiodetti are also good for this style of doom metal. The drums by Jonah Padella offer another highlight for this band. The keyboards and piano of Francesco Sosto provide a gothic and church-like ambience. The theme for Oionos, which appears to be a recurring them for the band, is the end of the world or the apocalypse. The first song, The Dawning, opens with militant styled drumming as if one is marching off towards death. The album is both epic and introspective, as would be expected if one is at the threshold of oblivion. The title track of Oionos features some spoken word from Septicflesh’s Seth Siron Anton, which gives a bit of prophetic scripture to the album. The instrumental Soliloquium further sets the tone with Gregorian chants. The piano ballad of Survivor’s Sleep showcases Benevento’s vocals. Every song on this album is solid and offers a good-paced doom metal, great vocals, and keyboards that give the album apocalyptic weight.

Genre: Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Cyclone Empire
Release: April 2, 2010

1. The Dawning
2. Outsiders
3. Oionos
4. Fallen Reign
5. Soliloquium
6. Lost Humanity
7. Survivors Sleep
8. Chant Of Widows
9. Hope, She’s In The Water
10. Russians
11. Revelations 3:11

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