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The Gathering’s Home album was their eighth album and the last to feature the renowned Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals. Home is a bit stripped down compared to other albums by The Gathering, but it is full of atmosphere and some trip hop style sounds. There are not as many layers of music and the amount of instrumentation is kept minimal. Home opens with Shortest Day, which is probably the poppiest track on the album. Much of the album is more atmospheric and has minimal instrumentation accompanied by van Giersbergen’s very good vocals. Her voice is well suited for this more introspective and atmospheric music. Alone, Waking Hour and A Noise Severe are very good tracks. Forgotten has some nice piano with van Giersbergen’s vocals. Solace is accompanied by the sound of marching and what sounds like the intercom at an international airport repeating phrases in multiple languages. Your Troubles Are Over is among the more upbeat and uptempo tracks on this album, and finally, the album closes with Forgotten Reprise and the fading sounds of church bells. I have seen negative reviews of this album, but I find this to be my favorite album by The Gathering. It is very atmospheric, but perhaps its only negative to me, is that it feels longer than it needs to be. This is as far The Gathering could go with this atmospheric sound, so it was probably in the best interest of both the band and van Giersbergen, when she decided to leave the band and pursue a solo project and for The Gathering to go in another direction. Home was a good way to end that era for The Gathering.

Genre: Atmospheric Rock, Trip Hop
Country: Netherlands
Label: The End Records
Release: April 18, 2006

1. Shortest Day
2. In Between
3. Alone
4. Waking Hour
5. Fatigue
6. A Noise Severe
7. Forgotten
8. Solace
9. You Troubles Are Over
10. Box
11. The Quiet One
12. Home
13. Forgotten Reprise

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