Tralalí Lalá – Tralalí Lalá (EP)

On one of the rare times I decided to check my Twitter account, I noticed this group from Mexico followed me. I decided to check Tralalí Lalá out and it was a good decision. Tralalí Lalá is a trip hop trio from Mexico City, with vocals by Citlalli García, Kleemp on guitars/electronics, and Eric Vazquez on bass/guitars. This self-titled EP is their only release, with a full album on the way, but Tralalí Lalá show a lot of promise.The music on this EP consists primarily of trip hop accompanied by guitars, bass, and other electronic sounds, all while having hints of Mexico. Citlalli García has very interesting vocals. Her voice reminds me of other female Mexican artists—that I am not very familiar with—such as Ana Gabriel or Gloria Trevi. She exhibits quite a range from soft, ballad vocals to wailing screams. The opening track Verte de Frente is my favorite track and consists of trip hop, Mexican-style trumpet playing, and a creepy circus theme. This track symbolizes the sound of the EP, which is varied, even in its 20 minutes of length. Ven Aqui shows Garcia’s softer vocals, which is accompanied by piano and trip hop electronics. Zurdo is a faster paced song that has both a cabaret and circus feel to it. The last track Luna Diurna has Garcia giving more powerful, raspier vocals. This EP is a great start for Tralalí Lalá and hopefully they are able to capitalize on this sound in the future.

Genre: Trip Hop
Country: Mexico
Label: Self-Released
Release: February 19, 2013

1. Verte de Frente
2. Árido (San Juan Luvina)
3. Ven Aquí
4. Zurdo
5. Luna Diurna

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