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Among the more outlandish conspiracy theories out there is the Hollow Earth theory and how the governments of the world are hiding the existence of an advanced civilization that dwells deep within the Earth. Such a thing seems far-fetched, but it is quite popular among UFO fanatics. Of the Wand & the Moon’s Kim Larsen and Die Weisse Rose’s Thomas Bøjden have formed a project, called Vril Jӓger, which explores this very topic. As expected, it is just as supernatural and disquieting as the subject matter implies.

UFOs, subterranean aliens, secret Antarctic Nazi bases, alien abductions, government cover-ups, Hollow Earth—those are all touched upon over the course of Vril Jӓger’s self-titled debut. Thunderous drums, industrial noise, ambience, and a martial aura form the backdrop of Vril-Ya, while spoken vocals, at times shouted as a whisper, further add to the mysterious atmosphere so eloquently crafted here. Ominous, bellowing soundscapes augment the depth of tone in Maw of Kalki, while underlying the feverish pummeling of drums in Through the Firmaments, and Radio Wyrd, are peculiar samples of men apparently describing government involvement with extraterrestrials or communication therewith. All six tracks are steeped in otherworldly atmosphere that is sure to perturb any who listen.

The Vril are based on an intelligent subterranean humanoid species described in Bulwer Lytton’s 1871 novel, The Coming Race. A quick search of the term online finds questionable websites that describe Nazi attempts to communicate with such beings, even to the extent of technological collaboration by building saucer-shaped aircraft. Vril Jӓger adequately captures the mood that these types of sources generate here in this self-titled debut. The sub-forty minutes that make up this album emanate an aura that is both otherworldly and conspiratorial, while saturated in faux historical sources that complement the altered spoken words by the band. Vril Jӓger has constructed an eerie album that expertly induces an unsettling mood for the listener.

Genre: Dark Ambient, Experimental
Country: Denmark
Label: Heiðrunar Myrkrunar
Release: March 21, 2016

1. Vril-Ya
2. Maw of Kalki
3. The Road Back to Agartha
4. Through the Firmaments
5. Radio Wyrd
6. Sanctified by Constellations

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